On Running

Running is really what helped me achieve my weight loss goals in the past 2 years.  I certainly have done plenty of strength training, and mixed it up with some spinning classes (and actually biking outside!), core-training classes, and the occasional brutal half-hour on the step machine, but running truly became my passion.  No matter how much I didn’t feel like going to the gym, a nice long run outside always got me up and at em.

I ran my first half marathon (and first race ever, actually) on April 26,2009, a freakishly hot spring Sunday, in Central Park.  After months of training in 50-60 degree weather, the temperature settled at a sweltering 92 that day.  Eesh, it was toasty!  I finished in 2:08 – slower than I had hoped, but considering the weather, good enough for me!

I was hoping to try for my second half this fall, but with this cast on my leg, I guess that’s not happening!

But I will be back out there as soon as physically possible! With doctor’s permission, of course…

I’m planning to do the same half as last year this coming April 2010 – The Fitness Half & More Marathon.  If anyone is interested in training with me, I get my mobility back in October, so let me know!


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