Still Giving Thanks

It’s been a very good week.

I meant to write a Thanksgiving post about all the things I’m thankful for, but somehow never got around to it.  But who says we should only be thankful one day a year?  Let’s choose to be thankful every single day instead.

My yoga instructor yesterday (@ Laughing Lotus ) spoke a lot about Karma, and how good deeds boomerang back to us.  This mental boomerang image stuck with me, and I’m making a real choice to just be good.  It really is that easy.

This was my first class back to yoga after a long break.  The pain that developed in my wrist during my 21 day (attempted) streak is not giving up so easily – I think it is here to stay for the time being.  I haven’t been to a doctor yet, but spoke briefly about it to my new physical therapist, and she said it’s probably nothing to worry about, and scar tissue can just irritate it but that I’m likely not doing any further damage.  I gave it a try, and while it was a little sore during some of the more straining poses, overall I was OK.  Good news and I’ll take it.

Speaking of physical therapy, I think I’m in love.  With a physical therapy office.  Is that weird?  I’ve been through a very long few years of running injury after running injury.  I’ve been in and out of doctor’s offices, MRI machines, physical therapy appointments, massages, and even tried acupuncture recently (and LOVED it, more on that later).  But the problems persist.  I feel like a sponge – I’m so hungry for answers and just keep asking questions, just wanting to know why no matter what I do, my pesky IT band just WON’T quit being a pain in the ass knee.

So why am I back in PT after I know it hasn’t really worked for me in the past?  Because I signed up for (another) marathon, and this one I AM GOING TO FINISH.  I really am.  It’s happening this time, I can feel it. I’m doing the Nashville Rock N’ Roll Marathon. I’ve always wanted to run NY – like always, since I was 15ish?, competitively swimming, and had no real desire to ever be a real runner.  I didn’t run.  But I knew I wanted to run THAT RACE.  It just seemed like something I would do.  When would I do it?  In 2010 when I was 25 of course, because that, well, sounded right.

Well, I didn’t.  I had an impossibly hard to secure spot in it.  I raised a lot of money for Fred’s Team, but alas, my joints weren’t really on board.  I got through my 15 mile training run on October 1st, and it was all downhill from there.  Or uphill, depending on how you look in it.  Running sure got harder.  So I deferred to 2011, and I thought, yes, this is fine – a full year to recover and train and I’ll DEFINITELY be doing a marathon in November 2011.  But guess what?  That didn’t work out either.  Hello, lower spine, I didn’t realize we were not getting along.  Goodbye, marathon, again.

All in all, since July 2009, I’ve had a broken tibia, two stress fractures of the left femoral neck, one stress fracture of the right sacrem, two herniated discs, and endless knee aches and pains from what I now know is actually a HIP issue.  I deferred a second time, and had a spot in the 2012 NY marathon.  I ran a  half last spring with no issues while training, which obviously led me to believe I was invincible again.  Do all runners do this?  Do we all feel superhuman when things are going well?

I started training for the marathon, and with a 7 mile long run under my belt in August, my knee pain was back with a vengeance.  A sprint triathlon with said knee pain was the clincher.  No marathon for me.  Whether or not my spot will be honored next year is still TBD.  NYRR isn’t talking yet.

So I thought, perhaps spring is just my season.  All of my successful half marathons have been in the spring (I say all like it’s a lot.  It’s not a lot.  It’s two.), and I’m thinking perhaps I strength train more in the cold winter months when it’s freezing outside and toasty warm in the gym?  And spend much more time clocking miles when it’s beautiful and sunny outside?  It makes sense to me that stonger legs = less injuries, so we’re going for a spring marathon.  And if NYRR says so, maybe we’ll try for NY in 2013 as well.  But let’s take take this one endeavor at a time, and talk about NY in May with one marathon checked off the list!

Running so far (since my break during the 21 Days of Yoga  has been….okay.  Some tightness/pain and I just get so nervous.  Superhuman confidence goes out the window with the slightest inkling of an injury at my door.  I did a lot of research, and I came across reviews for the most amazing-sounding physical therapy office ever .  It’s called FINISH LINE Physical Therapy.  Ya know, like the finish line of a race?!

I’ve had two appointments so far, and it just feels right.  They get what I’m trying to achieve, they understand my goals, and so far everything they’ve done really feels like it’s helping.

So I’m going to give a lot of thanks to my knees, and to the world, and hopefully that kindness will boomerang right back, and in 21 weeks I’ll be writing the greatest post of all time about my amazingly successful first marathon.


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