Sunday Ritual

Working long hours all week does not a healthy diet make.  Waking up early to go to the gym or get a run in, eating lunch at my desk, working late – all of these things sometimes lead to last minute thoughtless take-out for lunch or a PB&J for dinner.  So to avoid this, I’m making a habit of spending a few hours each Sunday prepping for the week ahead.

This process starts at the Saturday morning McCaren Park market. The haul:

Kale, collard greens, bok choy, cabbage, beets (with their greens! the best part), parsnips!

As the weather is getting colder, the fresh produce at the farmers market is becoming less about salad greens & fruit, and more about winter root vegetables & squash (hearty greens are still in season! Thus the kale & collards.  Yum.).  One of my favorite things to eat this time of year is a medley of roasted, colorful roots. 

This particular batch was parsnips, carrots, beets & celery (correct, celery is not a root, you win).  I didn’t know parsnips existed until a few years ago, and they’re now one of my very favorite vegetables.  Slightly sweet, and chewy when roasted.  The batch you’re seeing above is actually from last Sunday.  Today’s pan was lacking in the celery department.  Whomp whomp.

I also finally went and bought a vegetable brush today!  No more peeling away over the garbage for hours.  I’ve traded up to scrubbing away over the sink. 

So basically I just scrub them, chop them up to bite size pieces, toss them in coconut oil (or olive oil), salt, pepper & garlic powder, and they’re ready to go.

Into the oven at 400* for 40 minutes, tossed half way through, and they come out perfect.

Mmmm.  They are then on hand to toss in a salad, or serve alongside a piece of chicken with quinoa whenever I need a quick meal.  Needless to say, the quinoa and chicken are prepped on Sunday as well  – or black beans, tofu, wheatberries, etc.  As well as a big old pot of steel cut oats for breakfast.  Makes eating delicious home cooked food all week so much easier : )


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