Day 21!

Well… not today.  Today would be day 27.  It just took this long to get this post written.

But guess what I learned on day 21?  Hot yoga does not put any pressure on the wrists.  Not a single plank or downward dog.  I showed up for my usual vinyasa class, but for the first time ever it was full.  Probably because no one was at work, due to that pesky hurricane and the lack of subways into the city.

A few spots were still available in the Traditional Hot Yoga class across the hall.  I’ve always been curious but have been nervous to try it.  Everyone always makes it sound so intense.  But really…it wasn’t so bad at all.  It was a lot more stretching, with poses held for a period of time before the instructor loudly clapped, initiating the class to switch positions.  It was also a lot less relaxing, what with all the clapping and the rule AGAINST closing your eyes.  Strange how different the two practices are.  But any yoga is better than no yoga!

So how did the rest of the challenge go?

  1. Yoga everyday.  Good enough, I’d say.  A few days of no yoga at all, but most days went well.  I’ll take it.
  2. No fried food.  I accidentally ate a few tortilla chips on day 3 before realizing that they were most definitely not baked. Oops.  Otherwise fine, and will likely keep this part up – I can live without fried anything.
  3. No meat.  It’s a little hard to accidentally eat meat…so no problems here.  I was really missing this for a few days towards the end there, but when Wednesday night came, it went by pretty easily without digging my face into a rare filet mignon.  That being said, I did have an organic bison burger with spicy feta, sautéed onions & pickles for dinner on Friday night from Burger Guru and it was FANTASTIC.
  4. No added sugar.  OK…so I ate some Craisins.  A few handfuls.  Mid 8 mile hike, and running out of plain roasted almonds, a delicious bag of dried (& lightly sweetened…) cranberries was offered my way.  I was two fistfuls in before it occurred to me that sugar was certainly added.  Oh well. I made it 21 days without desert and that’s fine by me.
  5. No booze.  Check!

In other news, my first (very short, 1 mile) run was a success.  No knee pain!  I’m not, ya know, getting my hopes up or anything.  But it’s a start.  I signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Nashville in April.  Six months to get up to 26.2, and positive thinking is the only thing that’s going to get me there.



As I type this I’m eating rosemary garlic pumpkin seeds by the handful.  The recipe came from Edible Perspective.  I used 2 tablespoons of oil (1 just didn’t seem like enough to coat them all), and dried rosemary instead of fresh, since that’s what I had in the house.  They turned out great, and they made my apartment smell AMAZING. I adore rosemary.


Now I’m off to vote!


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