How many days has it been?

And….why didn’t I speak to the instructor about my wrist earlier?

So I took yesterday off from class.  I waited 48 hours, but I still had soreness and pain this evening.  I mentioned it to the instructor before class began, and he was really able to help.  He recommended using foam blocks on my right side so that I could keep my left arm in correct position and rest my right forearm on the blocks.  It worked — I could even do the flows!

I’m still a little concerned about the pain. It’s basically a shooting pain up from my wrist to my elbow on the top part of my forearm.  It hurts when I push down on the ground, but also if I just flex my wrist and move my arm as if I’m pushing the air. (Does that make sense at all?).  If I squeeze my arm completely straight and lock my elbow, it hurts in the back of my elbow joint too. Or if I hold my arm out straight palm up and twist it inwards,  it hurts all the way from wrist to shoulder.  AND it seems to be getting worse, not better.  UGH.  I hope the blocks are actually protecting whatever is hurting.

Tomorrow we’ll be upstate apple & pumpkin picking all day long, so I won’t be around for any classes, but at this rate that’s probably a good thing.  Another rest day from class will probably help, and I’ll do 30 minutes or so of yoga stretches in the morning before hitting the road to keep the streak going!


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