Day 8 : this is harder than I thought

“I breath in, I am full; I breath out, I am empty”

I’m not going to yoga class today.  Day 8 and I’m skipping it.  I did do 20 minutes of yoga on my own this morning, so I’m not counting this as a fail, but my body is screaming for a break from a full class, and that is exactly what I’m giving it.

Let me explain…

One full week of 60 minute Vinyasa Flow classes later and I’m starting to realize that diving back into yoga with 21 straight days may not have been the smartest way to get back into it.  I’m not sure what it is that makes me set such lofty goals for myself, why I can’t get it through my head that everything in moderation really does mean EVERYTHING.  Including things that are good for you.

The last week has been challenging.  Getting there is piece of cake – I really do love the time I spend on my mat.  I’ve also noticed that classes that used to seam like they took forever to get to Half Pigeon are over before I know it now.  But unfortunately, I’m developing a problem in my right wrist and elbow.  HELLO.  It’s as if I don’t know a thing about overuse injuries.  Why would I not even think to worry about an overuse injury from yoga?

So I’ve done a little online research, and it makes perfect sense.  Our wrists are not made for weight-bearing support.  Our ancestors did not walk on their hands.  It takes time to build up the strength to support ourselves in this way.  But where does that leave me now?  It doesn’t hurt terribly, and I’m pretty determined to see this thing through.

I asked Dr. Internet, and I found a few great alterations that prevent pressure placed on the wrist.  Half-Dog (or Puppy) worked quite well in place of Downward Dog in last nights class, and doing forearm planks in place of traditional Plank Pose was a great substitution too.  The only thing I really don’t know how to alter is the chaturanga flow.  This post has a great explanation of what might be causing my wrist/elbow pain.  Makes a lot of sense!


So at this point I guess I’m going to just skip this part of class.  Paying attention to it last night, there really is not a whole lot of time that I spend on my wrists throughout the class.  I’m still going to get plenty out of it without putting undue pressure on places that aren’t feeling 100%.  These 21 days are about healing, not doing more harm.



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