Papayafish meets KERF!

So as per usual, this is a little late.  But still super exciting nonetheless!  Last weekend I met up with Kath from Kath Eats Real Food, my first blog obsession, and she was absolutely adorable!  I’ve been reading KERF for a long time, and it was so strange to meet her in person. 

She had a blogger meet-up at the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg.  When she said she was coming to NY I literally did a dance in my computer chair.

We went on a tour:

Which was actually just a two part speech.  And I couldn’t really hear him very well.  Ohhh well.  We also stuck our grimy fingers in a bag of barley (i think?) without permission (I’m hoping this is for display purposes only, and not going to end up in someone’s drink some day).


Unfortunately, Kath got stuck on a ridiculously long line, so I went outside to meet her.  I think I was rambling because I was so excited, and I definitely made her hug me.  Is that weird?  I feel like I know her, but she certainly doesn’t know me!  Oh well, she was super nice 🙂

We look like best friends, right??

In a post a few weeks ago she mentioned that she loved Colgate Wisps, but they were too pricey…so I grabbed a few boxes from work and passed them along.  That’s why she’s awkwardly holding up a box of Wisps.  My idea, not hers….

Overall there were about 20 KERF readers, and I had a blast talking to fellow blogaholics.  The place was jam packed but the beers were cold & tasty, and the company was great:

And a few non-bloggy friends also stopped by the brewery..


Since last Saturday, I have been one little workoutaholic.  The week in review went something like this:

Monday – Run 3 miles (out), Jillian Level 2
Tuesday – Run 5 miles (tread)
Wednesday – Physique57 at lunch, Cardio Kickboxing after work
Thursday – Swim 3,600 mtrs, 1.5 hours w. Masters swim team (ouch..)
Friday – REST!
Saturday – Run 5 miles (out)
Sunday – sat on my lazy bum

There was actually a run & Jilly on the schedule today, but I think someone put something in my Budweisers last night that made me unable to move today.  OK, maybe it was just the Budweisers.  Regardless, I’m tired.  The band last night was fantastic, however, so you should def def check em out:  If you ever have a chance to see them live, DO IT.  Beautiful.

I’m still working on a new camera.  I’ve decided to fork up the money for a DSLR, but it’s taking time to decide which one to get.  Anyone have an educated opinion about Nikon vs. Canon??  I’ve heard pros/cons to both, so unless someone wows me about a Nikon, the cheaper price sticker on the Canon might be the deciding factor.  We’ll see.

I’m up at 6 tomorrow to get to the gym before work…can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can run outside in the AM without freezing my tuckus off!  Goodnight world wide web!


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