1,000 Miles in 2010…or, where have I been for 5 months?

Well, hello again, world wide web.  Long time no see. 

For various unforeseen reasons, not excluding the notorious car accident/broken leg incident, or the case of the broken/fixed/lost camera, and other personal emotional journey’s, I decided to take some time off of blogging.  “Some time” somehow turned into 5 months.  Oops.  Sorry I never said Goodbye, I know that was wrong.  I promise I won’t leave you like that again.

Butttt, bygones be bygones, yes?  Blogging makes me happy.  So, while still rather camera-less most of the time (my lovely sister is kind enough to lend hers often), I’m back.

The second half of 2009 was, more or less, an emotional rollercoaster.  I have kept up my healthy eating habits, and started running again in October, only THREE months after the accident.  I really should have posted the night after they let me “run” for the first time on the treadmill at physical therapy.  It was for 5 minutes, and absurdly s-l-o-w.  But it was AMAZING.  I wish I had documented that feeling.

Surprisingly, my weight dropped drastically during recovery (10ish pounds?).  But as expected, it has creeped back up over the holiday season, to get me smack-dab where I was on the morning of July 7th.  Not so bad, I’d say.  But mehhh who care, right?  It’s a number. A boring one, if you ask me.

And sooo that brings me to where I am in the year two thousand and TEN.  I’m at a happy weight.  I enjoy food (and *ahem* beverages) when I feel like it, but am a professional at self control most of the time.  I ran my first half marathon last year, and feel like another one this spring is in order.  I will be participating in the same one as last year, The More/Fitness Women’s Half on April 25th.  I’ve also signed up for the lottery for the 2010 ING NYC Marathon.  The chances of being picked for the lottery are SLIM, so I might be signing up for the Marine Corp Marathon that takes place in DC at the same time.

Regardless,  I’ll be completing the 9+1 Rule for the NYC Marathon in 2010, which guarantees a spot in the following years marathon.  I’ll have to run 9 NYRR official races, and volunteer at 1.  The first will be the NYRR Gridiron Classic 4-miler on February 7th.  This should make for a LOT of running this year 🙂  Gotta make up for all those miles I didn’t run in the 2nd half of ’09!  I’m setting a (possibly unrealistic) goal of 1,000 miles in 2010!!!  Eesh.  I might regret this, but whatevs.  I’m excited about it.  And even if I come in short, at leat it’ll get my butt out there and running!  And with a half and a full this year, that’ll kill almost 40 miles of it 🙂  So far I’ve run 12.  A little behind, but not to worry.  The length of my runs has direct correlation with the temperature outside, and right now its FREEZING.

So I think my blogging will focus a lot more around the running aspect of my life, as opposed to daily updates about the same oatmeal bowls I eat for breakfast everyday.  Trust, I enjoy reading about all of YOUR oatmeal bowls (I read about approximately 11 bowls of oatmeal every morning…..while I’m eating oatmeal), but I got kindof bored sharing mine.  But not to worry – PapayaFish still eats.  Plenty.  I will be sure to share any interesting/delicious meals with ya’ll.

On today’s Lunch Menu:  Landmarc  at the Time Warner Center.  Not gonna lie, the Croque Monsieur is looking DELISH.  Mmmmmmmm.

That’s all for now – I’ll be seein’ ya (more often than not!)  Have a fabulous day!!!


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