Fresh Fish & LOST

Blogging without a camera is like Christmas without snow.  I guess I see the point…but really..what’s the point?

I spent the day Friday, instead of being at work, on a boat fishing for flounder & fluke in Zach’s Bay and the Atlantic Ocean right off the coast of Point Look Out.  SO FUN!  I was terribly sad of course to not be able to take pictures of the big guys for you all.  They were gorgeous!  I only caught one keeper, but overall we came home with 10 🙂  There are few things in life like freshly caught fish!  Obviously, dinner Friday night was pan-fried fluke. YUM.

It’s been so gorgeous this weekend, and somehow I’ve ended up not in the sun since Friday.  I spent the day yesterday having a 10 hour Lost marathon in Brooklyn- I’ve been told it’s the greatest show on earth and that I absolutely need to catch up.  I’m working on it.  10 hours later and I’m halfway through season one.  Eesh, this is going to take FOREVER.

Eats included great stuff like:
Breakfast – Oatmeal & Banana
Lunch – Grilled Cheese with Tomato on Whole Wheat
Dinner – Artichoke Shitake Pesto Pizza (wtf?)
Dessert – CHEESECAKE (double wtf?)

This boy is trying to fatten me up!  But I liked it. Hah. So delicious!

Brunch this morning was a VERY filling Eggs Florentine – poached eggs & sauteed spinach on an English Muffin.  I got the Hollandaise on the side; I’m just not that crazy about it.  I wished they had whole wheat English muffins, but they did not.  It came with house potatoes and a side salad?  Weird with breakfast.  I’m happy (ashamed?) to report I licked my plate clean.  Gotta get it while the gettins good!

Came home still filled to the brim, ate a banana a few hours ago, and am now feeling quite tubby & happy on the couch 🙂

In other new, I’ve lost almost 6 pounds since I got this cast on my leg.  Counterintuitive?  Yes.  I’m assuming it’s at least half muscle, but I think overall my calorie intake has decreased drastically since I’ve stopped moving as much.  This weekend is obviously an anomoly to that statement. It makes me think a little more about the Time article that Cait talked about that week in this post.

I operate under the philosophy that weight management is a product of what I eat AND how much I move.  Papayafish eats AND moves.  And although I do feel a little jelly-like these days (my muscles are fading FAST), I’ve got to admit, those pounds are dropping.  I’m not saying I would ever ever ever promote not excercising.  I’m just sayin’

That’s all for now – this house is  hotbox and this laptop on my lap aint helpin.  Enjoy a lazy Sunday!


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