In a World Without Pictures

More like in a blog without pictures.  I’m working on that new camera, I swear!

Yesterday’s lunch was some TJ’s pre-cooked balsamic rosemary chicken (the best!), with some spinach & microwave-cooked frozen spinach.  Simple & Delicious.

Unfortunately, my stomach ailments were still at work, so I didn’t feel very great at all for the rest of the day.  I came home and munched on one piece of whole wheat with a Tbsp TJ’s Almond Butter & a Tbsp TJ’s organic raspberry fruit spread.  PB&J always makes me feel like a little kid, and I love it.  I was really planning on an evening post last night ( Sorry again for only posting once a day this week!), but my tummy hurt and all I wanted to do was pass out.

Luckily I think I’m on the mend!  I finished my breakfast this morning and was still hungry!  That has got to be a good sign.  I’m not really feeling 100% yet, but I think I’m getting there.

Speaking of breakfast, it was cottage cheese, flax, a banana, blueberries & sliced almonds.  Yum-tastic.  With some coffee of course.

I am super sad today though, as I am NOT on my way to Boston for the Healthy Living Summit.  I had to give up my ticket because of this silly leg cast, and I’m sortof heartbroken.  I was so looking forward to meeting all you fellow bloggers!  The swag bag wouldn’t have been half bad either! Hah.  Oh well.  If you are going to Boston, HAVE A BLAST!

I had already requested tomorrow off of work when I thought I’d be going, so lucky me gets to start my weekend early! It’s so close I can taste it 🙂


2 Responses to In a World Without Pictures

  1. misstiffie says:

    aww too bad :[ next time ur in boston let me kno, i’m from here.. there.. here (hahahaha) and we can grab some eats!!!

    and im missing ur pictures :] can’t wait til they’re back up!!!

    oh oh and i’m glad ur tummy is feeling better :]

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