Use your imagination

I really need to start getting some sleep.  I am one tired girl today.  Breakfast was an EXACT repeat of yesterdays, so boring.  Sorry!

But hold up, rewind.

Yesterday’s lunch was a hodgepodge of leftovers including:
-mixed greens
-raw carrots
-cooked frozen mixed veggies
-spicy greenbeans
-1/4 c. lowfat plain yogurt, salt & pepper

It was so filling!  My apologies again for no pic, but it wasn’t that pretty anyway.   Just use your imagination and I’m sure you’ll come up with something much more appealing.

And of course my tummy hurt all afternoon again.  Umph.  This is getting old.

I really wasn’t hungry for dinner, but had a small salad and a piece of momma’s spanakopita anyway.  There was something off in the spinach pie – we believe the culprit was some freezer burned dill – but it was tasty nonetheless.  

Nowww I’m bored at work, not hungry yet, but considering eating now anyway.  I’m sure I’ll wait until 1pm to eat, and immediately get some huge client request and not be able to chow down.  Gotta get the food in while the seas are calm!

Have a good day!


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