Half way day?

Today could be the halfway day for getting my cast off!  It’s been 4 weeks, and the lower end of the range is 8 weeks. Sooo I could be 4 weeks away from being cast free!  Man, I hope so.

Yesterday’s Chop’t salad finally arrived, and by the time it got there I was only half hungry, so I only ate half.  It was the Palm Beach Shrimp salad with shrimpies, avocado, hearts of palm & romaine. With balsamic vinaigrette.  Delish.

Thennn I got called into a “meeting” at 3pm, that turned out to actually be a surprise birthday meeting, complete with coffee, chocolate pecan pie, and strawberry pistachio muffins.  Wow, can my coworkers bake.  I really wish I could have taken a picture for you!  I honestly was not hungry at all and could have completely passed – but they made them for me, so I just could not say no.  I ate a piece of each.  And thenn my tummy hurt.  Gah, you live and learn.

Physical therapy after work went very well, but I came home with still an achy belly, and ate a small salad before passing out.  My mom & sister have a bug, so I’m hoping this just passes.

Breaky this morning was a light one – some 2% cottage cheese with a mashed banana, some sliced almonds & a tablespoon of craisins.  I have coffee in front of me too, but I feel like that’s just not helping this morning.  I might have to save it for later.

Lot’s of work to do today so I’m off.  Cross your fingers for some pictures soon!


2 Responses to Half way day?

  1. caitsplate says:

    YAY for being halfway! Fingers are crossed!! 🙂

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