RIP Camera :(

Disaster!  My camera has gone the way of the woolly mammoth 😦  Darn birthday partying took it out of him.  He just couldn’t hang.

These posts sure are going to be boring without any pictures…but hopefully a new baby camera will be making an appearance in my life ASAP.  In the meantime…

My birthday weekend was AMAZING, full of fabulous friends, tasty beverages & TONS of great eats.  My tummy still hurts a little.  Oops.

We’re going to call today Healthy Monday.  It also happens to be my first day back in the office!  Hellloooo real world!

Breakfast was some cottage cheese with garden strawberries, a tablespoon of sliced almonds & a naner on the side.  Breakfast dessert was a delicious little white chocolate macadamia nut cookie that my coworker brought me for my birthday 🙂  So nice.  SO delicious. 

Now I’m mega-hungry for lunch, but my Chop’t salad is estimated to take 60 minutes for delivery.  Gosh I hope it hurries up.

Have a good Monday!


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