Bad Blogger

I sure have not been a very good bloggie these last few days.  Sorry – I’ve been busy! 

And last night I had dinner with a new friend (  😉  ) and I felt really weird taking pictures of my food at the restaurant.  I wasn’t quite ready to tell him about the blog…hah.  Oh well. So you don’t get pictures of my DELICIOUS skirt steak, salad, bread, cheesey tortellini alfredo, shiraz, OR peanutbutter chocolate pie dessert with a candle on top.  I’ll tell you though, it was heavenly.  First birthday dinner of many more to come this weekend 🙂

There also may or may not have been 2 Abita Turbodogs at the bar after dinner. It’s my birthday week.  I do what I want!

I can however, show you my very healthy afternoon snack yesterday:

Picture 002

AB on WW with a naner.  On the way to PT.  Abrievs are awes!

Anddd this morning’s breakfast was awesome:

Picture 003

The other half of my serving of mom’s homemade rice pudding, with some blubes, cherries & a FIG. I adore figs.  It was so gorgey inside, too, but I thought the bite marks were a little much.  I’ll cut one up later to show you the beauty!

Picture 004

I ate all of the fruit and then wasn’t that hungry (maybe it was the massive steak & pasta dinner? Could be..).  I left the pudding and slowly ate it over a few hours of work this morning.  I was supposed to have the day off, but alas, something came up and I had some work to do.

Done now, and heading out into the sunshine!  Going to be all over the place this weekend, so posts might be few and far between, but I’ll post a big recap on Sunday for sure.



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