Invisible Breakfast

I went to sleep last night with a terrible headache, and somehow, forgot to set my alarm! Oooops.  I blame the headache.  I woke up this morning at the bright and early hour of 10am.  Guess I needed that sleep!  Too bad I was supposed to be signed on to work at 9…

So I jumped straight on the computer and started tackling emails and tasks, and before I knew it, it was noon and my stomach was yelling at me growling.  I had completely forgotten about breakfast!  This has never happened before in my life. 

Since it was now the afternoon I decided lunch was in order.  And I was dying to try these new Damascus Bakeries Whole Wheat Roll-Ups from Costco!

Picture 001

I added some plain lowfat yogurt, half a cup of chickpeas, avocado & cherry tomatoes.  Fresh & Delicious!!  Wrapped it all up…

Picture 003

And it promptly fell apart as soon as I tried to eat it…

Picture 008

Gah!  It still tasted good, though.  Maybe next time I’ll need to use a little less fillings.

I enjoyed my brinner with a big bowl of berries that absolutely needed to be eaten today.  I’m working on not throwing away another bad berry this summer!

Picture 004


In sadder news…it’s looking like I have to cancel my Summit trip 😦  Stupid car accident.  I was SO looking forward to this trip and meeting all my fellow bloggers!  So bummed.

But chin up, right?  There are more important things in life, like being ALIVE, so I’ll take what I can get.

AND it’s almost the weekend!


One Response to Invisible Breakfast

  1. threehannas says:

    Those raspberries look soooo yummy right now!

    That is a bummer about the Summit but I love your outlook : ) Keep it positive!

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