Too much avocado

We’ve got way too much avocado in this house.  I used it in both of my post-noon meals today, but I barely made a dent!

Lunch was taken to go, as I had a 1pm appointment.  I made this bad boy and then wrapped it up to eat in transit:

Picture 006

Picture 005

He was a Tbsp hummus with some cado & tomato slices on an Arnold’s whole wheat sandwich thin.

Picture 004

And he hung out with an almost too ripe naner.

On the way homeee from my appointment  I made an unscheduled stop at Best Buy to pick out my birthday preseeennttt 🙂  And then another unscheduled trip at COSTCO!  Lovelovelove.  I got a lot of delicious eats I’ve been wanting to try – including Dr. Praegers california veggie burgers & those whole wheat Roll-Ups Cait is always eatin.  Mmmm. 

I came home starving and saw that there was some way-old whole wheat noodles in the fridge, so I heated them up with a little satay peanut sauce (the best.).

Picture 007

Snack number one was incredibly un-filling, so I followed that up a little while later with an apple.  Then I was fine, but my sister placed this bowl in front of me:

Picture 008

And I might have had a handful or two.  This stuff came from Costco, too, but I’m not too crazy about it.  It’s a bunch of crunchy rice snack things with nuts and wasabi peas, but overall it was kindof boring.  And for 160 calories in a 1/4 cup, boring just won’t do.  Ohh well.

Dinner was my first Dr. Praegers burgerever, and it was pretty darn good.  Way better than Morningstar Farms regular veggie burgers.  Good thing, cause that costco box is way big.

Picture 010

I put it on another whole wheat thin with a portabello mushroom cap, some sliced cado & some TJ’s organic ketchup.

Picture 009

The shroom stems hung out on the side.  I ended up not loving the mushroom on the burger, and just took it off and ate it on the side.  I did find that the burger sort of fell apart when I ate it, so I may have to get creative with it’s consumption.  I’ll certainly be eating them, though.

No dessert tonight as I am fill to the brim from all my snackyfaceing today.  Guess that’s OK, since I had dessert for breakfast 🙂

Good night world!


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