Salmon Supper

Lunch today was so simple & delicious.  I was feeling lazy, so I grabbed the last Morningstar Farms spicy blackbean burger from the freezer, nuked it, and layed it atop a bed of salad.

Picture 021

Doesn’t that dressing look too good to eat??  And it’s SO EASY.  It’s just a quarter cup plain lowfat yogurt, a tsp tomato paste, and a tablespoon canned green chillis all mixed up.  It was incredible – very creamy-salsa-ish.  There was a little too much on the salad, but I didn’t want to let any of that deliciousness go to waste!

Then in the afternoon before PT I crunched into a gala:

Picture 023

Along with a few sugar snap peas right outta the bag.

Physical Therapy went really well today.  He really pushed me further and my whole body literally felt like jelly when I left.  In a good way!  It almost felt like I was leaving the gym after a really great workout.  Almost 🙂

Dinner tonight was yuuummy!  I have a love affair with salmon.  LOVE.

Picture 025

YUM!  It’s broiled with just a tiny bit of EVOO, salt, pepper, a little paprika and LOTS of fresh lemon juice.  That came with a side of grilled zucchini:

Picture 026

And a sweet potato!

Picture 027

Dessert was as per usual, some TJ’s 72% dark.  The size of my palm.  Love my dessert!

Picture 029

Mmmm mmm mm. 

I am now sooo sleepy, so off to bed I go!  Goodnight world!


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