Last night’s post? And Quinoa Flake Pancakes!!

I just signed on this morning and it appears I did not post my dinner post last night?  I could have sworn I did.  Ooops!  Here’s a quick recap of post-lunch yesterday.

I “worked” under the umbrella in the backyard until about 5, and then had a yummy snack of 2% cottage cheese, a sliced banana & 5 grapes.  It was good and looked like this:

Picture 001

Twas good.

Dinner was outside on the deck under the umbrella again, and it involved this huge plate of meat:

Picture 002

DELICIOUS juicy grilled pork chops!  Mmmmmmm

Here was my plate:

Picture 007

With some brussels & carrots.  I would be proud to say I finished that chop, but I didn’t.  I left about a third of it behind…

With a side sally:

Picture 005

Anddd these beauts came to visit in the canal!

Picture 008

Picture 009

Dessert was .8 ounces TJ’s 72% dark..and then dessert #2 was 2 Flying Dog Road Dog porters 🙂  Both were equally delicious!

Anddd on to this morning.  A DELICIOUS new breakfast!!

I found these Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes in my kitchen (thanks Mom!), and decided to make a pancake a la Cait & Kelly’s pancakes this week that looked delish.

Picture 011

Picture 012

Picture 015

The mix for one big pancake included:

1/4 c. Quinoa Flakes
1/8 c. Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 Tbsp Ground Flax
1/3 Tsp baking powder
dash salt
Tsp cinnamon
2 Tsp brown sugar

1/4 c. Almond Breeze
2 Tbsp egg whites
Tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 c. water

I mixed together all the dry ingredients in a bowl:

Picture 013

And then slowly added the wet ingredients one at a time.  I hadn’t planned on the water, but the batter was a little sticky, so I added it.  Into a pam-ed nonstick skillet it went:

Picture 016

And came out golden and fluffy!

Picture 017

Perfection topped with a sliced banana and 2 tsp pure maple syrup:

Picture 018

Overall I think the quinoa flakes were a very interesting addition to the pancake.  You could definitely taste the quinoa flavor, but it was good!  And quite a fantastic way to pack in some early morning protein if you ask me!

Anddd now I have tons of work to catch up on after this marathon post.  Have a good day!


One Response to Last night’s post? And Quinoa Flake Pancakes!!

  1. georgiegurl says:

    i tried your pancakes and they were great! i did one egg instead of the egg whites and threw in some frozen blueberries. my 12 month old LOVED it and so did i! i’m saving the recipe for later!

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