Workin hard or hardly workin?

Ahhh lunch today was hot hot hot.  It wasn’t on purpose, but it sure was tasty!

I decided to make a simple chick-pea salad with 1/2 a cup of garbanzo beans ( i LOVE that word), a 1/4 c. lowfast plain yogurt, tbsp tribe hummus, and some canned chopped green chilies

Picture 005

I mixed it all together and it was certainly missing something, so after I plopped it ontop of a bed of salad, I sprinkled on  doused it in hot sauce!

Picture 006

Beauutifulll and spicy!

Picture 012

I also enjoyed a nice crunchy apple with my soapnet 🙂

So then I was allured by the sun shining through my windows, so I came outside. 


The internet works back here!!  Why haven’t I been doing this everyday I’ve been working from home??? You know I will be from now on!

The computer screen is not entirely easy to see out here in the sunshine, but I’m doing the best I can.  It’s so worth straining my eyes.

Enjoy your afternoon’s everyone!


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