Weekend Recap

Ohhh goodness, I have not felt so great today!  Yesterday was a LOT of fun, but I did have a few too many of these, thank you very much.  I never said I was classy!

I woke up early yesterday to eat some typical breakfast that looked like this..


…thrown on my bikini, and make some lunch before “running” out the door to the beach.  Unforunately, I temporarily forgot how long it takes me to do ANYTHING these days, so it took much longer to get out the front door than I had planned.  By the time we got down to my favorite beach the parking lot was full, and the very professional man blocking the entrance couldn’t have cared less that that was the only beach with easy handicap access to the beach. He said we had to wait for FIFTY cars to leave before he could let anyone in.  We could SEE parking spots, but he absolutely could not make an exception.  Thank you, Town of Hempstead Dept of Parks & Recreation.

Soo we drove farther down the island to Long Beach and my sister dropped me off with all the stuff while she drove around for half an hour trying to find a parking spot so that we could pay $10 per personto get onto the beach.  You may be catching on about now why I needed a few cold brewskies in the afternoon 🙂

I completely forgot to take a picture of my delicious lunch sammy I made to eat at the beach! It was TraderJoes Balsamic Vinegar & Rosemary chicken breast, tomato & plain yogurt with garlic powder mixed in on an Arnold’s sandwich thin.  YUM!  I also brought a bag of blueberries that were a perfect summer snack.

But I did take a picture of this hilarious advertisement for the new G.I. Joe movie:


That’s a real guy hanging off the helicopter!! Loved it.

Dinner was some simple sauteed chicken, in Soyaki sauce & siratchi, with a little bit of homemade mac & cheese ( 🙂 ) and some brussel sprouts


And of course a side sally:


After dinner I went out and enjoyed a few more drinks!  I desperately needed a whole day outside of this house, and it was wonderful.  I might also have had some snacks when I got home. (umm melted cheese on whole wheat, and a few handfuls of those TJ’s mini chocolate chip cookies? I think?)

Unforunately my camera died so this morning’s breakfast pic is missing also.  Luckily, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  A bowl of oats with 1/4 c. Almond Breeze, a smashed banana, a Tbsp TJ’s almond butter & a Tbsp coconut.  Perfect.

After laying on the couch “recovering” all morning, I threw together an easy delicious lunch.  We had some leftover whole what macaroni, and I needed to use the massaged kale from the other night, so I made a quick peanut veggie & mac stirfry.

I shredded a small zucchini & a carrot with a hand peeler and sauteed those with the kale in a little soy sauce:


When the leaves wilted and everything looked just about done, I threw in a cup of the noodles, about a Tbsp chopped pickled ginger (sushi style), and 2 Tbsp TJ’s Satay Peanut sauce.  Ah I’m in love with this sauce!!  And I think the ginger really made the dish!



And I followed that with a sweet handful of these bad boys:


They hit the spot.  That lunch certainly made my tummy happier 🙂

This afternoon I spent way too much time on altrec.com, they’re having a huge clearance sale!! Go get your sporting goods!

And on that note I’m going to go finalize my order.  SO sorry for the extremely long post!!


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