Tossing & Turning

Happy Friday morning!

Last night before bed I made the detrimental mistake of saying “I haven’t been able to fall asleep lately.”  I jinxed myself!  I turned out the light at 10:20pm, and the last time I checked the clock, without even a WINK of sleep yet, it was 2:45am.  Ugh!  And of course I had left my book downstairs…I reread an issue of Eating Well, and at least that was entertaining for a bit.  If you’ve never read Eating Well…you should do yourself a favor and go get yourself an issue asap.  I work in advertising and am so sick of every magazine out there, but when I came across this one, I was hooked!  I actually read every back issue from the past year in 2 days 🙂

Anywho…needless to say I was a professional snoozer this morning and did a fantastic job ignoring my alarm clock.  One good thing about being a live-at-home grown-up:  mom wakes you up for work.  So you don’t get fired. Hah.


Breakfast this morning was everyday oats with a side of fruit.  How original!

It was a little bit of this:

Picture 005

+ A little bit of this

Picture 003

and allll together it looked like this:

Picture 001

Return of the fish tray!  The oats were just 1/4 cup Irish oats, a smashed banana, lots of cinnamon and a sprinkle of coconut.  Simple enough.  And that bowl of honeydew was JUICY SWEET out of this world good.  Fresh really good melon might be one of my favorite fruits!

Hoping today will be an easy Friday.  This girl might need a nap this afternoon!


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