Lunch in a Bowl

I never realized how many of my meals I eat in bowls until recently.  But looking back at my posts, I really do enjoy a good meal in a bowl.  I should really think about buying some pretty new bowls to make these meals look a little more exciting…

At least this lunch in a bowl tasted good, and boy, was it filling!

Picture 008

That huge bowl was filled with 3/4 c. cannelloni (white) beans, 3/4 c. brown rice & tons of leftover broccoli rabe & asparagus from last night’s dinner.  Sprinkled in parm & crushed red pepper.  It was missing a little somethin somethin, so I added about a tsp of EVOO mid-eating.  I finished off the whole bowl, but when I was done I was STUFFED.

But all the spiciness of the red pepper left me wanting something a little sweet…and lo and behold, I found this guy hiding in the bottom of the fruit basket:

Picture 011

Ahhh magically appearing Belgian chocolate, I love thee!  And in spirit of Cookie Friday (which I just learned about, but think is FANTASTIC), I enjoyed the last bit of the package happily.

Picture 013

Yes, I know that’s not a cookie 🙂  Still counts, no?

I also wanted to give a shout out to Heather at HangryPants, for her VERY inspirational post today on the joys and benefits of blogging!  Made me very proud to have started my blog and to be sticking with it.  I can only hope that at the one year anniversary of PapayaFish I will be half as successful as she has been.  Happy blogaversary Hangry Heather!!

And on a completely different note, is anyone else having absolutely no luck accessing Eat.Live.Run. today??


One Response to Lunch in a Bowl

  1. bhealthier says:

    hmmmmm belgian chocolate!!! I love Cadbury milk chocolate and this looks very similar!

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