Lamb Sammy & Kale City

Today was such a slow work day — love it!  I caught up on tons of blogs and got all my PT exercises done for the day.  Even though they’re just small moves, I’m just happy to be moving! 

Dinner tonight was fantastic.  I made myself a left-over lamb sammy, with some raw carrots & a gigantic bowl of kale.

Picture 014

I have never eaten raw kale before, but I’ve seen it massaged in lemon juice so I decided to give that a try.  When it came down to it I really wasn’t in the mood for massaging it, so I just squeezed the juice of half a lemon on it and sprinkled on some salt.  I tossed it around a little to coat it.  I thought about adding some olive oil, but decided to try it as-is, and it wasn’t half-bad!

Picture 019

This bowl was HUGE.  I thought I’d be able to finish it, but I don’t know who I was kidding.  Not possible.  I was way too busy devouring this:

Picture 018

An Arnold’s sandwich thin with some lowfat plain yogurt, and leftover roasted leg of lamb & onions.  Sprinkled in some garlic powder.  HOLY YUM!  I could eat 10 of these sandwiches.

So I ended up massaging the rest of the kale (after I ate about half of that bowl) in the lemon juice and put it in the fridge for tomorrow.  It will definitely be making an encore in my lunch tomorrow..

After dinner I needed a little sweet treat, and mom had brought home some TJ’s goodies today, so I had a serving of miniature Trader Joe’s crispy chocolate chip cookies.

Picture 021

I really do think food tastes better when it’s cute!  And what miniature food isn’t cute??

Right now it looks like the sky is finally parting and the clouds are flirting with the idea of getting lost, but we’ll see.  Weather report for tomorrow is looking like a PERFECT 85 & sunny for the beach 🙂  Crossing my fingers that blue skies get here!

Just gonna veg out on the couch for a while and get to sleep early to make up for all my sleeplessness last night.  Have a good weekend everyone!


4 Responses to Lamb Sammy & Kale City

  1. caitsplate says:

    Oh my gosh those cookies look SO GOOD! I wish I had Trader Joe’s by me!!!

  2. bhealthier says:

    I love kale! I just learned last year in classes what a fantastic vegetable it truly is! Did you know its cruciferous like brocolli and cauliflower is?

    I love mine toasted but I also just found a great recipe for it that I can’t wait to try! I never heard of lemon massaged kale but glad you enjoyed it!

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