Floundered My Flounder

I had such a great day at PT today!  It’s a little sad that I miss working out so much that I was extremely excited when I was told I was doing exercises in the “gym room” today!!  This was right after the physical therapist said this to me, as I was sitting with my legs straight out on the table:

“See this nice muscle here (pointing to my left thigh)…now see how you don’t have that muscle over here (pointing to my right thigh)…Yeah, you’re going to work on that.”

It made me frown.  I miss my muscles  😦

Backing up a little bit…

Somehow my time management skills failed me today, and I found myself scrambling to get out the door in time to go.  I blame last minute work requests, although, I should probably blame my addiction to blog reading and my not entirely necessary last minute lunch post 🙂  Oops.  On the way out the door I grabbed one slice of whole wheat bread with a Tbsp of PB on it, and the other half of my banana from this morning, on my way out the door.  And scarfed it down in the car sans camera.  Double oops! 

Besides, I’m sure you all are sick of seeing pictures of my food inside my mom’s minivan.

But lucky for you I did take some pics of dinner tonight:  broiled flounder!

It started out looking something like this:

Picture 009
Sprayed underneath and on top with Pam, doused in the juice of half a lemon, and sprinkled in salt, pepper & a little parsley.

I kept checking it and it kept not being done, and then all of the sudden, it was overdone! Gah!

So it fell apart a little bita lot when I tried to transfer it to the plate. But that’s just fine because it turned out it wasn’t too overdone and it still actually tasted delicious.  Just the outer edges were a little chewy.  I tried to piece it back together again for the photo…

Picture 014

Served that guy with a whole mouthwatering cup of whole durum wheat pasta, drizzled in a tsp olive oil & sprinkled in a tablespoon of grated parm:

Picture 017

How good does that look???

And on the side the meal was rounded out with some fantastic asparagus & broccoli rabe!

Picture 012

Twas perfecto!


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