Light lamb dinner

Is it crazy thunder storming anywhere else out there in blogland?  There is some out of this world lightning ALL over the skies on long island… love summer thunderstorms ❤

After my late 2:30 lunch today, I didn’t need a snack in the afternoon, but then all of the sudden it was 6pm and I was starving, and dinner wasn’t until 8. Sooo evening snacktime it was!

A sliced gala, a handful of baby carrots & a Tbsp of Tribe 40spice hummus

Picture 002

I ran out of carrots long before I ran out of hummus…I’m never very good at rationing my dip to dippers appropriately.  So that’s when I did it…I dipped my apple in the hummus.  And OH MY GOODNESS!  Sooooooo good!!  Has anyone ever done this before?? I loved it.  Will definitely be having this snack again…who needs carrots?

Needless to say, when dinner was ready early at 7:30pm, I wasn’t really hungry, yet.  Also needless to say, I ate anyway 🙂

Picture 003

But I ate little portions & was full super quick.  A tiny piece of roast lamb (~3 oz) with 1/4 of a potato, onions & tomato.  And a big old pile of salad on the side.  That piece of lamb really is tiny!  It only looks so big because it’s the closest thing to the camera.  100% optical illusion.  I also drizzled a tablespoon of plain yogurt and red wine vinegar on the salad after I took this pic.

This roast lamb was HUGE, and as much as my family loves meat, there are tons of leftovers.  And the onions & tomato it’s roasted with might be my favorite thing in the world.  So expect some of this stuff incorporated into my lunch tomorrow for sure 🙂

I’m considering brushing my teeth right now before dessert. Not that I’m going to eat dessert after I brush them, but that I might not eat dessert tonight.  I’m feeling pretty full and I’m exhausted so I might just hit the hay.  Hopefully this crazy thunderstorm doesn’t keep me up!

Goodnight moon!


2 Responses to Light lamb dinner

  1. caitsplate says:

    Apples and hummus!? WHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED THAT?! That will be on my list of things to do now!

    I’m such a bad Greek girl- I can’t eat lamb!! Don’t hate me!! Haha. It makes family gatherings (as I’m sure you well know) VERY awkward 🙂

  2. papayafish says:

    Definitely try it!!

    And I don’t think I could live without lamb!! Haha. I have avcousin who don’t eat it either and it makes things tricky at family gatherings…good thing we always have a billion appetizers so no one goes hungry. I do always tend to not eat a lot of lamb on holidays because I stuff my face with so much spanakopita before “dinner” actually starts 🙂

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