Blueberries gone bad

Good morning!

Don’t you guys hate it when produce goes bad??  When I tried to make breakfast this morning I came across a rogue package of blueberries in the back of the fridge.  They’d seen better days.  I frowned as I opened the package and started to pick out the edible ones, and more of them seemed to be moldy than not.  I dumped them in a collandar and rinsed for what seemed like forever, while picking out the bad ones..  After all that work I managed to save about half the package, but ugh, what a bummer! 

But breakfast was tasty anyway!


Half a cup of 2% Fage (it’s under there, I swear!), with a chopped peach, the blubes, and 1/2 a cup of Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey ALmond Flax…divine!


Busy busy day today, so I probably won’t be back for another post until after dinner tonight.  Have a good day everyone!


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