LOTS of good eats!

Yesterday was so full of delicious eats that I had absolutely zero time to post!  Of course that’s a lie..there was a few hour break in the middle of the day, but I got caught up returning way-too-late phone calls and laying around in the heat and decided to wait until last night after dinner to post brunch & dinner all together.  Of course I passed out immediately after our relatives left, and soo here we are on Sunday morning.  I’ll get right in to it..this is going to be a l-o-n-g one!

We didn’t want to do too much for brunch as momma was going to be cooking the rest of the day for tonight, so we picked up a dozen bagels on the way home from PT.  A dozen new york bagels is the greatest bag of goodies in the world.  Completely reminds me of being a kid.  So warm & tasty!

I had a whole wheat bagel, toasted, half with lox cream cheese, and half with TJ’s organic raspberry fruit spread. Mmmm!


Of course whole wheat bagels aren’t quite as delicious as the others (bagels is one of the only things where I don’t like the whole grain version better!), but it was still soo good.  I paired that with a billion of these bad boys:



For dinner mom set the dinning room table gorgeously…

Fresh floral centerpiece!


Favorite fish plates!


We moved outside for appetizers where I enjoyed these two delicious drinks:



Not-as-classy!  But man do I love these Cape Hatteras coozies!  And Spaten Oktoberfest 🙂

First off was the finger-food:


Sliced bagels (fresh from the bagel place this morning!) with taramosalata (Greek caviar), feta & brie!  Would have been better if this wasn’t sitting right in front of me…


Killer spicy sausage!


Kalamata olivesss


Dolmadakia..one of my favorite things! Grape leaves stuffed with rice…

The second course was probably my favorite Greek dish EVER – Baked shrimp with feta & tomatoes


I of course didn’t get a chance to take a pic before people started digging in – but how good does that look???

I know what you need, you need a close-up:

Mmmmmmmelted feta!

Here was my plate:

Plus about 200 pieces of bagel with brie, feta & tarama..and a few more of everything else. YUM.

We were supposed to move inside for dinner but it was so nice outside by the water that we just moved everything outside.

My plate with a little baby lamb chop, tomato rice pilaf, roasted asparagus & dandelion greens! I love any and all dark leafy bitter greens!  I also had a side salad but I eat that everyday so I won’t bore you with it. 

After all those eats it started to get chilly out so we moved inside for dessert..

No fancy Greek desserts this time, but there was a DELICIOUS chocolate cake.  And the Greek writing makes it Greek, no?



I was served this piece:


And I ate it and my tummy hurt and I LOVED it. Mmmm mmm.

Now all this talk of food has made me quite hungry..so I’m going to go grab some breakfast, and maybe head to the beach for a bit if the weather holds up. 

Enjoy your Sunday!


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