Frittata Fail

Today was such a good Sunday!  Considering my view as of late has been these 4 walls of my living room, I enjoyed it quite nicely.  After alllll that food yesterday, I was craving something cool & delicious this morning.  I threw together a tasty cold breakfast bowl:


I defrosted about a 1/4 c. of TJ’s frozen berries and mixed that with 1/2 a c. 2% cottage cheese.  Then I topped it with a sliced banana and a chopped juicy perfectly-ripe peach!  Twas delicious!


The weather was looking fab for the rest of the day, so I headed for the sand!  I was going to just put a plastic bag over the bottom of my cast, but I had heard about these things from CVS that they make specifically for showering in a cast, so we stopped there on the way.  15 minutes later my sister came out of the store (she had to ask 3 people – no one could find them) and when we were driving away I opened it up and darn thing had a hole in it!  Plus the clasp things that are supposed to keep it closed didn’t work. Bah!  So I went with the plastic bag and rubberband anyways..

While at the beach I noshed on a whole wheat everything bagel.  Second day verdict: still soft & perfect!


With that guy I had a crunchy gala


Blurry apple, clear super scientific cast cover (garbage bag.)

I hadn’t planned on that being lunch, but that’s what it turned out to be.

It started to thunder around 3:30 so we headed home JUST in time.  The minute I walked in the door the skies opened up.  The news just interrupted my episode of House with a severe thunderstorm & flash flood warning. Eeesh! 

Anywho…I was craving vegetables, probably since I hadn’t had any all day 😛  So I threw a huge bag of frozen spinach on the stove, with a little salt, pepper & garlic powder.


Problem was, I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  I was craving eggs, but I’m not a fan of omelettes.  I decided to saute a couple of sliced baby portabellas and cherry tomatoes and see where it took me.


The word frittata came to mind….but what exactly is a frittata?  I’d had them at restaurants, but had never made one myself.  I thought they were just open-faced omelettes, but then I remembered seeing someone on a blog put one in the oven?  So I just wasn’t sure.  SO I threw 2..and then plus 1 more when it wasn’t enough to cover the bottom of the pan…eggs in the pan.  I topped that with way too much spinach, and then in a last minute “uh-oh-this-is-not-working” moment I decided to toss it all together.  Threw the tomaters and shrooms in, too, and about 2 Tbsp shredded parm. 

It looked something like this all tossed in the pan:

It went from some abstract idea of “frittata” to a Spinach Egg Scramble.  Perfection!


This was sooo good.  Definitely didn’t need 3 eggs, and I was full to the brim when I was done eating it, but tasty none the less.  In case you haven’t noticed yet, leaving food on the plate is obviously not an option.  I have been a member of The Clean Plate Club my whole life.  Healthier food is now on the plate.  It still all goes in my belly!

Now I’ve got a serious hankerin for some chocolatey goodness!  I’m going to try to steer clear of the leftover chocolate cake from last night, and grab some TJ’s 72% dark cacao to end my weekend with 🙂

Enjoy the last few moments of the weekend!


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