So fresh & so clean

Has anyone who’s had a broken leg and not been able to leave the house found that they, well, don’t need to shower as much?  Maybe “don’t need to” is the wrong way to put it.  It’s more like, “don’t feel like it and no one can make me?”

Either way, I took a LOVELY way too long shower this evening in preparation for my first physical therapist appointment at 8am tomorrow morning!  It is incredibly sad/ridiculous how excited I am about a doctor’s appointment.  I think I’m handling not leaving the house for weeks at a time quite sanely, however, so I don’t care :p

This afternoon’s lovely snackeroo was a sliced gala with a Tbsp Almond Butter.  For some reason I always type and/or say “apple butter” when I mean “almond butter.”  It just rolls off the tongue so easily.  appplleee buttterrr.  I think I need to go get some STAT.  Anywho….

-gala apple (60)
-1.5 Tbsp AB (143)

Apparently my mom signed up on this website (I think she said it was called Country Cooking…I’m really not sure), where they send her recipes and she has to make them and take pics and send back a review.  Tonight was the first experiment, Country Captain Chicken.  It was basically chicken pieces with tomato, curry, raisins, a little oil, tsp brown sugar & some other ish cooked up in a big dutch oven. (Why do they call a big cast-iron pot a dutch oven anyway? super confusing if you ask me).  It was okkk I guess.  “Nothing special” was my official report.


It was served with some whole wheat couscous. 

I must say I enjoyed dessert a bit more:

Mmmm mmmm TJ’s dark chocolate 🙂

Now I’ve got to hurry up and get some shut-eye for my big adventure into the great outdoors tomorrow!  Goodnighttt


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