AB & J Oats!

Good morning!

I wasn’t so hungry when I woke up this morning, and then got sucked into work and didn’t realize I hadn’t eaten breakfast until my stomach started growling at 10:30!  I crutched to the kitchen and made myself some breakie.  I have found that I’m now pretty capable of getting around the kitchen on my own on these crutches, but it’s still a little tricky getting the bowl to the living room!  I’m getting better though!

This morning I was back to my oats.  I think all that spinach (3 meals of it!) yesterday might have done the trick with my cold.  I’m feeling muchbetter today.  But I ate ALL the spinach yesterday so I put together this georgy bowl:

-1/4 c. Irish Oats (75)
-1/2 c. 2% cottage cheese (90)
-small sliced banana (90)
-Tbsp TJ’s organic almond butter (95)
-Tbsp TJ’s organic raspberry fruit spread (no added sugar! SO GOOD!) (30)

This was just OK.  I had never had jelly in my oats before, and thought I’d love it, but meh.  I mixed everything together and it was just kindof boring.  I’d have preferred some fresh fruit for my sweetness!

Or a donut!  Check out these tasty-sounding nutritious donuts being given away on Soap + Chocolate!

***Edited to add: Don’t go enter that! I got the give-away memo a little late, and I missed this one! Oops!  Go check out http://www.soapandchocolate.com/ anyway though! 🙂

Seems like the rest of my work day is looking pretty slow.  Soo I’ll probably be spending my afternoon catching up on blogs, so expect some comments!  And if I don’t read your blog, leave a comment and I’ll come check it out!

Happy Friday everyone!

ps – does anyone else think it’s HILARIOUS that the wordpress spell-checker doesn’t recognize the words “blog” or “wordpress”??? haha, it’s the little things..


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