Lots of spinach, not feeling better

Ugh, really not feeling well now.  My sinus headache has turned into all sorts of swollen glands and congestion.  Booo.

My snack was good today though!! 

-1/2 c. 2% Fage (75)
-a diced crunchy gala (60)
-2 crumbled walnuts (50)

It was the perfect cool and crunchy snack – hit the spot for sure.

When you’re feeling sick, do you lose your appetite?  A lot of people get sick and lose theirs, but I’ve never had that problem.. I always feel better when I’m eating!

So of course I enjoyed this cozy dinner bowl:

-2 oz Soba noodles (190)
-3 turkey meatballs (190)
-1/2 c. the most delicious all natural tomato sauce (70)
-more SPINACH & other veggies (~25)
-Tbsp parm (30)

Soooo good!  Here it is all mixed up (even better looking if you ask me!)



Of course my little sick self needed some tasty dessertttt


14 juicy juicy cherries (56) & .8 oz of TJ’s 72% Cocoa dark chocolate (140). Perfect-o!

Now I’m definitely hitting the hay.  Hoping to wake up feeling a little healthier!!


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