Feeling sicky : (

I woke up this morning feeling great, but somehow the day has taken a turn for the worse.  My sister has had a terrible cold all week, so I’m really worried I caught her bug!  Right now it’s manifesting as a sinus headache — let’s hope it goes away soon!

Lunch was a HUGE spinach salad.  I picked through both of the huge bags and salvaged the non-mushy stuff.  About a 1/4 of it went into this salad, and the rest is getting cooked up with dinner tonight.

-~2.5 cups spinach (20)
-5 cherry tomatoes (10)
-2 tsp EVOO & RWV (66)
-2 small fresh mozzarella balls, about an ounce, chopped (70)
-2 Tbsp Tribe 40 spice all natural hummus (50)
-Toasted Arnolds Sandwich thin for dipping (100)

I was going to try some Sabra chipotle hummus I found in the fridge — but it was a little too spicy for a salad.  For a snack on toast it will be perfect though!

Going to go try and get through the last few hours of the work day so I can put down the computer and get rid of this headache.  Do you have any special remedies for sinus headaches??


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