A very green morning

Good mornin

Woke up this morning and remembered I found TWO bags of spinach in the fridge that aren’t lookin too hot.  So expect to be seeing a LOT of spinach in the next few days!

It was extremely hot this morning, so with all this spinach laying around, I thought it the perfect morning for a monster.  Twas delicious!

This big guy had about 2 cups spinach (15), a small banana (90), one cup Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk (40), one tablespoon TJ’s Almond Butter (95), and lots of ice.

And he had a little brother!


I was really excited when I thought I was done with my green monster, and I remembered there was still some in the other cup!

Man I love these things. 

What do you put in your green monsters/smoothies??


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