Bakery Treats!

Hope everyone’s been having a great day!

I didn’t plan an afternoon snack today, so I got REALLY snacky around 6pm right before dinner.  So I had a few snackies!


A TV Snack – these a-ma-zing little apricot filled pastries from the bakery I worked at in High School. (yes, I worked at a bakery.. no, I never got sick of the sweets!) (~100)


This crunchy guy (30). Plus an unpictured tbsp of raisins (30)

I was sufficiently un-hungry an hour later when it was time for dinner. Oops!

Of course I ate this delicious plate anyways:

-Sally with a 1/2 oz feta (40), one kalamata olive (9), RWV & a tsp of EVOO (33)
-yummy sauteed veggies (~75)
-a Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizze Burger on an Arnolds Multigrain Sandwich Thin
-With a slice of Swiss (75), a Tbsp TJ’s organic ketchup (15) and some shroomies I stole out of the sauteed veg’s

I found that yummy burger hiding in the freezer — I love freezer surprises!! This guy was delish!


Absolutely KILLER.

Right now I’m munching on 1/2 a c. of blueb.’s (40) and probably one more of those TV snackies (100).

Night world!


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