Today was such a long at-home work day!  Everyone else had a half day, and somehow I kept myself busy until 7.  Gah.  Part of that time included Skype-ing with my coworkers as they made a video for a contest at work, while brushing my teeth.  Very entertaining?  We’ll see I guess.  Do you guys Skype?? I never had, but I was amazed at how clear it was.

Eaties today were not extremely exciting, but still good!

Lunch was leftover Indian veggies (no rice this time) with hummus toast!

-1.5 c. frozen mixed veggies (15)
-~tsp oil (33)
-1/4 c. Fage 2% (38)
-2 slices whole wheat potato bread (140)
-2 Tbsp Tribe All Natural 40 Spice Hummus (50)
-Gala (60)

This hummus was SO good.  I had never had it before, but it’s super with it’s all-natural goodness!!


Sorry my lunch post was so late!  I realized right before dinner I had never posted it (I was too busy Skype-ing!), so I figured it made sense to wait until after dinner…

SPeaking of dinner:


I’ve been seeing A LOT of breakfast for dinner posts like on Cait’s Plate, Beneath It All, and someone else I cannot for the life of me remember definitely had cereal for dinner this week.  So I got a hankerin’ for some eggs in the PM hours, and I fried some up!

I sauteed about a cup and half of fresh spinach (10) in a tsp of EVOO (33) with 4 halved cherry tomatoes (5?) and a whole clove of garlic.  SO GARLICKICIOUS! (It’s a word, use it.) Then I sprayed a little Pam and made two large eggs (150) overeasy.  Perfect!

Dessert will definitely be taking place later…any suggestions??


One Response to Brinner!

  1. caitsplate says:

    40 spice hummus?! Oh my gosh! SIGN ME UP! That looks so so so good.

    Love the shout-out! Yay for breakfast for dinner! 🙂

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