Portion Control

Dinner last night was one of my all-time favorite foods: STEAK!! I know, I know, this is supposed to be a healthy eating/healthy living blog, but if you control your portions, beef does have a place in a healthy well-balanced diet.  That is what life is all about, enjoying the good stuff.  For years and years I prided myself on eating the biggest steak on the menu.  Hah, not anymore!

Dinner was:


-3 oz skirt steak (200)
-1/2 medium sweet potato (50)
-1/4 c. carrots (13) & 1/4 c. zucchini (5) sauteed in about a tsp olive oil (33)


-lettuce, tomato & cucumber (20)
-1/4 oz feta (20)
-1 kalamata olive (9)
-RWV & tsp EVOO (33)


Overall VERY satisfying and delicious.  After dinner I went to the movies and enjoyed an unpictured small banana (90) and 1 piece of Cote d’Or Truffe begian truffle chocolate (156), and it was heavenly!

Grand total for the day was ~1,056 calories.  Thats a little lower than I had planned for, but sitting around all day I’m really not hungry, and I’m not burning very much.  Works for me!

Harry Potter was OK, by far not the best one , but of course I still enjoyed it.  What I did NOT enjoy was sitting in the movie theater chair for 2.5 hours.  My leg cramped up and I was completely uncomfortable the whole time : ( OH well.

Now it’s 10:30am and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.  I wasn’t hungry when I got up, but now I’m starving, so time to eat.  See you guys after lunch!


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