Learning how much I need to eat these days

I was SO hungry by the time I ate breakfast this morning.  I decided to try a half serving of oatmeal anyway, and go back for more if I needed it.


Double bowl of YUM and a c. of coffee with 1% (28)


-1/4 c. dry (cooked) Irish Oats (75)
-1/2 small banana (45)
-Tbsp flax (30)
-Tbsp honey (60)


About a cup of fruit salad – peach, nectarine, plum, cherries, blueberries & watermelon – all the stuff got ripe at the same time! (~100)

And that was plenty filling, so I didn’t need to go back for seconds.  Day two of working from home isn’t very comfortable.  Any bloggers out there have any good advice for how to sit on the couch all day on a laptop and NOT get back pains?  I can’t seem to find a comfy sitting position.

After my late breakfast I wasn’t hungry for lunch until 2.  I threw together a big bowl of veggies!


-about a c. of romaine (it’s hiding under there I swear!) (10)
-c. carrots (50)
-1/4 red pepper, sliced (10)
-c. sprouts (10)
-1/2 medium sweet potato (50)
-tspn EVOO (33) & RWV

It was delish!

But an hour later I was a little hungry again (no protein in that bowl of veggies…), so I ate a crunchy gala whilst I worked 🙂


5pm and I’m already hungry for dinner. Hmm.  Might need to add some protein to my lunch tomorrow!


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