Rainbow Lunch

My late lunch today was super light & tasty.  The alfalfa sprouts were the BEST!  I could eat sprouts everyday, but for some reason I forget about them and don’t buy them too often.

Here was my colorful tray:


-1/2 c. kabocha squash [the last piece : ( ] (~15)
-c. carrots (50)
-1/4 red pepper sliced (10)
-c. sprouts (10)
-~1/4 cucumber (~8)
-3 slices (~2 oz) Boars Head Blazing Buffalo Style Roasted Chicken Breast (YUM) (60)
-10 cherries (40)


My favorite part was a tie between the sprouts and these bad boys:



I think I love fresh fruit almost as much as I love chocolate ❤ And that’s a good thing, since I’ll be trying to cut back on the latter of those two loves

Movies not until 9:35 tonight…soooo excited!


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