Greek Dinner

Sorry for skipping my dinner post last night.  Mom made two of my favorite easy greek dishes, but I have a 7pm meeting, so dinner wasn’t until about 9, so in the Greek tradition we didn’t eat until 9:30 pm.  In Greece that’s normal, in my world, that’s insane.  But alas, the spanakopita & keftedes were delicious!



These were of course a little modified.  The spanakopita (which is spinach pies – spinach, feta, egg, dill & seasonings wrapped in filo dough) was made with olive oil instead of the traditional LOADS of butter, and the keftedes (greek style meatballs – made with beef, eggs, garlic, breadcrumbs, onion, cheese & seasonings) was made with ground turkey and a lot less breadcrumbs and cheese than they’re supposed to be.  But still so good.

This was my plate:

2 spinach pies & 2 turkey meatballs, with TJ’s organic ketchup. (no, the Greeks don’t use ketchup).  Plus one more spinach pie & 2 tiny crackers with tiny pieces of brie on them during my meeting.  I can’t say no to cheese & crackers!

Plus a small side salad:

And of courseee that Belgian chocolate started eyeing me…


x2 because my better judgement failed me, and it was just so darn good.  This has got to stop!  Someone please come to my house and eat the rest of it for me!


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