Back to the drawing board

Morning bloggies! (afternoon?)

It has been 11 days since the accident.  This means it has been 11 days since I’ve done ANYTHING active.  I’m hating this more and more each day.  I keep telling myself that it’s only 3 months, it will be over before I know it.  But it already feels like an eternity. 

I’ve mentioned this in a few previous posts, but I’ve really found that I’ve been eating a lot out of boredom (or self-pity? yep, I said it), and that is something I have strived not to do at all in the past few years.  After downing my second helping of Belgian chocolate last night, I had a very honest conversation about trying to steer clear of weight gain during this (mentally & physically) challenging time.  If there ever was a test for self-control, this is it.  The problem is, I’ve gotten so used to the “maintenance” part of my diet.  Over the last 21 months, I have lost 35 pounds, and kept it off for the last year or so of that.

In the beginning I was quite strict about what I put in my mouth.  I started  a food & exercise journal on the first day of my weight-loss journey, and I’m positive that played a huge role in my success.  I weighed myself every single day.  A lot of people frown on this, but it’s what works for me.  It keeps me honest, and although I never EVER obsess over it anymore, it makes me VERY aware when that number starts to creep up.  I’ve been following what Kath has dubbed the “squiggle effect” for the last year or so, and it has worked at keeping that number stable.  I’m very active, I eat very healthy food almost all of the time, but there is inevitably one or two times a week when I throw caution to the wind and let myself indulge.  It’s absolutely necessary for my happiness, and I’m OK with it. 

But here in lies the problem.  I no longer have the option to be active.  I haven’t been counting calories for the last year, but I have been writing down everything I eat each and every day, and doing a quick mental tally of my estimated calories some days to keep myself in check.  Even that has gone out the window this past week.  I’ve decided I really DON’T want to say “oh well, I’m injured and I can’t work out for 3 months, so I’ll eat what I want and worry about it later.”  That goes against everything I believe in!  So I’ve decided I’m going to need to work very hard to NOT let my inability to move around derail everything I’ve worked so hard for.

So back to the calorie counting we go!  Part of me hates this, but most of me knows it’s what I have to do.  I didn’t run 10 miles this morning, so I really don’t need the same amount of fuel I would normally feed myself on a Saturday.  So expect to be seeing calorie counts after my meals.  If I can’t hold myself accountable at first, at least I’ll know I have to hold myself accountable to everyone else!

Breakfast this morning was still pretty typical – oats & fruit

-1/2 c. dry (cooked) Irish oats (150)
-1/4 c. 1% milk (28)
-1/2 Tbsp honey (32)
-Tbsp sliced almonds (50)
-small banana (90)

-13 DELICIOUS cherries! (52)

All together with a cup of coffee (with 1/4 c. 1% milk [28])


All together that was approximately 430 calories.  That is quite a big breakfast.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try half a serving of oats and see if that fills me up!

And on a much lighter note, I found this sticker on my banana today, and promptly followed the instructions:


Thanks Chiquita!


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