Another day, another doctor

Left the house around noon today for another all-afternoon appointment, so I grabbed this sandwich my mom had made but didn’t eat to munch on in the car.  We were running too late for me to throw together anything healthier, so this had to suffice!  It was 2 slices of ham and one slice swiss on 2 pieces of Health Nut (not so bad) with quite a bit of mayo (not so great).  I wiped off as much of the mayo as I could, but still would have preferred to have less. Oh well. At least it tasted good!


4 hours later we were finally almost home, when mom said the magic word. THAI. Mmm.  I usually only get thai food on special occassions, and I always get Pad se-ew with either beef or chicken (pan fried flat noodles with chinese broccolli and egg in a sweet dark soy sauce).  It’s just SO good!  I’ve been wanting to try Basil Tofu since I read about it at ELR, so I picked that.  Mom couldn’t decide, so she got two things and we decided to share all 3.  One was chicken pad se-ew (yes!), and the other was something else with sticky rice, chicken, beef, pork & veggies.

This was my plate, with a little bit of each:


Overall, meh. We had never tried this Thai place before, and I doubt I’ll be going back.  Everything was kind of bland.  The basil tofu was OK, I think I’ll definitely try it again at the Thai place I really like.  Hopefully it will be better there!

I also had another serving of the basil rice about half as big as the pictured one.  As you can see, it’s carb-city on my plate, and I’m feeling quite stuffed right now.  It was sort of a late lunch/early dinner though, and I don’t think I’ll eat again today, so no worries.

Hitting the hay super early tonight…not feeling too great, and I have my first day back at work tomorrow :/ Wish me luck!


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