Kabocha Squash!!!

A friend came to visit today whilst I sat on the couch all afternoon digesting.  Couch is much more fun with company! Well, different company than usual anyway..

Dinner was salad drizzled in EVOO & RWV


A baked seasoned chicken breast


AND the star of the evening: KABOCHA SQUASH!


I’ve been dying to try this since I read about it on a bunch of blogs..can’t remember exactly which now, but I THINK it was Snackface or Homegirl.

This was sprinkled in coriander, cumin, paprika, brown sugar, salt & cayenne pepper (mix of a bunch of recipes I found online) and then baked in 375* for 25 minutes. SO GOOD! And you can eat the skin..I was hesitant, but it was completely edible!  I had another half of a piece after this one. 

Dessert was a few tiny nibbles of my white chocolate aspirin. Helps every time!

Now I’m going to watch Slumdog Millionaire…finally…I think I’m the last person on earth.  I’m sure I’ll love it.  I’ll let you know tomorrow!


PS – I went back and found the snackface post with the kabocha that first got me itchin to try it. Check ittt


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