Dinner tonight was two of my all time favorite things!


And artichoke!


All together now:


I absolutely love steak and will continue to eat it forever.  There are some things in life one just should not live without! The steak was grilled skirt steak topped with sauteed mushrooms (about 4 oz).  The artichoke is boiled with the sharp tips cut off.  Then you peel off the leaves and dip each one into the sauce, and then scrape the edible part off of the leaf with your bottom teeth.  As you get closer to the center of the artichoke, more of the leaf becomes edible.  I love love love it!

The sauce is about a Tbsp mayo mixed with red wine vinegar.  You can use EVOO & lemon juice in it’s place, or any combination of those. 

For dessert I had a diced peach, a handful of cherries & 1/2 a TJ’s dark chocolate bar (.8 oz).



Tonight’s DVD is The Reader.  I’m about half an hour in so far and I’m liking it…I’ll let you know how the rest goes in the morning!


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