Care package!

I got the nicest care package in the mail today from Dylan’s candy shop in Time’s Square.  Sugar cookies shaped like a pill bottle & a band-aid, a white chocolate aspirin, and a huge container of M&Ms. YUM! I definitely dug into those M&Ms for a handful (or two) as soon as I opened this.  It will be quite the challenge to not devour this whole thing before I get off this couch!


I wasn’t hungry all afternoon but had to eat something with my pain I had a sammy.  A few slices of ham and one slice of swiss, with about a tsp of mayo on Whole Wheat potato bread (!) with tomato, salt & pepper.  SO GOOD.  Ham and swiss always reminds me of being a kid.


Watching Mean Girls now..the best movie ever? quite possibly.


One Response to Care package!

  1. […] fuel my body, and not just to have something to do.  However, the empty M&Ms container from my care package (don’t worry, it wasn’t ALL me, but I did more than my fare share), and last nights […]

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