First day on the couch

was mostly camera-less.  I forgot to bring it downstairs, and I felt bad making mom go back up to my room to grab it for me.  THEN when I did ask her to get it, I forgot to ask for my USB cord, so the first picture of the day is missing from here, too.

For breakfast, momma served me a delicious bowl of honey crunch cheerios mixed with some other crunchy cereal in milk, with a sliced banana, and a bowl of cherries on the side.  With coffee & water.  It was so pretty on the fish tray she brought it to me on, I’m sad I don’t have a pic! 

A few hours later lunch was some chicken & mushrooms sauteed in tomato sauce and white wine over half a cup brown rice. SO GOOD.

Right now I’m snacking on 10 almonds, a nectarine, and 1/2 a TJ’s 72% dark chocolate bar.  You’ll get a picture of this one later once I manage to secure that USB cable..

Today’s POSITIVE things to note:
-I love eating in the living room, but my parents hate it.  Now that I’m couch-ridden, I get to eat EVERY meal on the couch! This is still exciting, although I’m guessing I’ll be over it soon..
-I’ve been meaning to work on my upper body strenght, and man are these crutches a good arm workout! I might not have any muscles in my leg in 3 months, but my arms are gonna be RIPPED

Back to the TV…I’ll try to picture-report later with dinner!


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