Camera’s back in action!

As promised, my earlier snack:

I was very proud of this snack…I found a backpack, dragged myself to the kitchen, washed my own nectarine, filled up a water bottle and threw it all into the backpack and brought it all back to the couch on my crutches.  My first self-sufficient meal since dinner on Monday!

I spent the whole afternoon filling out forms and taking care of “business.”  I was barely hungry for dinner (not moving all day burns about zero calories), but I made it to the kitchen for my first meal at the table.  It was a tasty one!


Baked salmon with lemon & EVOO, couscous & mixed sauteed veggies
And a sally with 1/4 avacado & one olive.  My mom’s been trying to make my food prettier since she knows it’s going to be published online!  I love it.

I worked really hard on a lovely dessert of 2 figs & a 100 cal pack of mini cinnamon stella doros.  I really try very hard not to eat much pre-packaged/processed food at all, and normally have no trouble turning it down.  BUT, I’m pulling the injured card, and they looked good and VERY easy to eat, so I went for it.  Not so bad!  They had no artificial sweeteners or HFCS, and those are my biggest two no-nos, so it’s OK.


THEN my mom baked these all-natural (whole wheat flour and brown sugar, no additives or artificial ingredients) peanut butter cookies, and gave me a warm one, and who can turn that down? I sure can’t:


That’s all for tonight.  Hopefully I can sleep better tonight…only 5 more days until I get the light-weight cast!


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