Not so good at the A.M. runs these days

Back to work this morning.  I tried very hard to get out of bed to run before work, but I didn’t (is it just me? or do I say this a lot?) Didn’t have any spinach to make green oats yesterday, so I had a different, yet equally mushy, breakfast bowl this morning:

7.2.09 032

-4 oz full fat cottage cheese (creaammyy)
-1/2 c. frozen mixed berries
-Tbsp ground flax
-3 crumbled walnut halves

This was good, but not really all that filling, so I went down to grab a coffee at the corner around 10:30, and also stopped at the fruit man for 3/$1 plums.  I adore the fruit guy on the corner.  He is the sweetest old man.  There is nothing farmers-market about this fruit stand (it’s on a corner in Times Square, and his fruit comes from all 4 corners of the globe), but I dig it anyway.

7.2.09 033

It was FINALLY a gorgeous day in the city, so I took my lunch to a bench in Central Park to soak up some sun (instead of the usual florescent lights at my computer) while I ate.  Leftovers:

7.2.09 034
Spinach, zucchini & onion from last night, mixed with 3/4 c. brown rice

7.2.09 035
The rest of the unusual acorn squash/pumpkin/parmesan bake

7.2.09 036
2nd of the 3/$1 plums. so juicy!

7.2.09 037

When I got back to my desk I enjoyed this DELICIOUS italian chocolate that my coworker brought back from her vacation.  This is about the size of a quarter (in width and thickness), and I had 2. SO GOOD.  The second was actually 85% dark, not nearly as sweet, but I still really liked it!

After work I came home and went for a ~11.5 mile bike ride down the path to the beach, in about 50 minutes.  The weather was beautiful – sunny but not too hot.  Came home to this dinn:

7.2.09 039
TJ’s Harvest Grain blend (about a cup – plus another 1/4 c. I stole after I “finished” eating – doh!) with sauteed mixed veggies.  I topped those grains in a Tbsp of shredded parm after I took the pic.

7.2.09 038

And of course a salad on the side!  Romaine, green pepper, tomato, cucumber, a tiny piece of feta, half an avacado.  Drizzled in EVOO & RWV, s, p & oregano.

7.2.09 040

I was seriously craving some fresh fruit tonight after dinner, but we had NONE in the house! Except for some green bananas, but that didnt’ help me at all.  Sooo I “settled” for frozen mixed berries & .4 oz TJ’s 70% dark chocolate all melted in the microwave for about a minute, topped with a creamy cold 1/4 c. 2% fage. YUM YUM YUM

7.2.09 042

That’s all for tonight.  I have my alarm set for a run, but alas, it’s 10:30 again and I have a feeling I’m going to be having a bit of trouble sleeping tonight.  Trying to figure out the rest of my life is HARD.  So we’ll see.

Sweet dreams!


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