Yesterday in pictures

I woke up yesterday morning and made myself a small bowl of green oats with 1/2 a naner and a little honey, but alas, my camera batter was d-e-a-d (about time), so you don’t get to see that.  I plugged my battery in to charge and headed out for what I thought would be a long 8 mile run, but accidentally turned into a longgg 10 mile run.  From my house to the 3 mile marker on the path down to the beach, and back, is 8.5 miles.  I have lately been only going as far as the 2 mile mark for 6.5 miles.  I decided to push myself.

One problem.  THERE IS NO 3 MILE MARK. Why??!?!  I had a good feeling I was well past where I should have turned around, and sure enough, there was the 4 mile marker.  Oops!  I about faced and ran almost all the way home, stopping to walk the last half mile.  I had a wierd pulled-muscle sensation in the bacck of my right thigh, but my knees felt fine!!

I came home and proceeded to eat all of this for the rest of the day:

7.2.09 001 
2 eggs, slice of health nut & a peach

7.2.09 002
ice coffee outside in the backyard

7.2.09 004
lizard friend joined me for a sun-bath (yes, she’s on a leash!)

7.2.09 005
1/2 a banana & 1/4 c. Almond Breeze, frozen.  Delish!

7.2.09 006
A hodge-podge lunch: 1/2 a mini lean-beef burger with reduced fat cheddar, on whole wheat potato bun, 1/2 an acorn squash, 1/4 c. green bean potato salad (no mayo!), red pepper slices & snap peas

7.2.09 007
And the last piece of the Goodie brownie for lunch-dessert

7.2.09 008
Dinner was a salad with spinach, radish, snap peas, 1/2 a cucumber, 1/4 c. 2% fage with spices mixed in, and about 3 oz. Trader Joe’s prepared Balsamic & Rosemary chicken breast

7.2.09 009
I was still STARVING after dinner (I have no idea why…10 miles??), so I made a mini PB&J on a mini whole wheat potato bun.  YUM that was a lot of jam!

I then went out and had 2 Guiness and 1 Flying Dog Road Dog Porter.  5 bars & only 3 beers…I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed!  I came home wayy snackyface and made myself a roasted apple with cinnamon-brownsugar 2% fage.  Very delicious, not nearly filling enough.  I proceeded to have a small bowl of honey crunch cheerios in 1% milk (not pictured).  I then banished myself from the kitchen

7.2.09 010


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