Holy Mosquitos

Surfing was..well…not quite a success. I grabbed some coffee to go and half a c. of blueberries and headed down to the beach. The weather was looking OK. Pulled into the parking lot just as the rain started, and then all of a sudden, lightning EVERWHERE. And lots of rain. We sat in the car to wait it out, and I tried to get some good pics, but nothing came out good.

When the storm clouds finally passed we pulled on our wetsuits and headed toward the water. I had never been to this beach before, and there was a 50 or so yard walk through the dunes, and then another 25 yds to the water. Two minutes into the walk down to the desserted beach, lugging a heavy longboard, the mosquitos SWARMED. It was unbelievable, and terrible. We started running for the beach, but I kept losing my flip flops and had to stop to take them off, and the board was real heavy and running with it was NOT easy. When we finally made it the shore we had to to throw the boards down and run around like crazy people because they were smart squiters, and they followed us. Thankfully, there was not another soul on the beach, so no one saw this crazy person dance. We eventually got rid of them.

We paddled out (yes, I know, I sound awesome), and attempted to catch waves for about half an hour, but no luck. Paddling that whole time was tough though! I didn’t get to stand up, but the waves were dying down, so we decided to head to another spot. We got out of the water and SPRINTED through mosquito-ville all the way to the car, but we weren’t fast enough, and got plenty of bites while getting the boards in the van. When we got to the next beach, the waves were non-existent, but the SUN was making an appearance, so we plopped down on the beach to catch a few rays. I enoyed a lovely snack of a few walnuts and an apple:

The sun obviously didn’t stay to play very long, so we headed home to veg out (cause I took the day off and I do what I want!). I put together this lovely lunch sally:

Spinach, snap peas, bean sprouts, radish, carrots, red pepper

Tofu, 2 slices deli turkey

Drizzle EVOO & RWV

I was still really hungry after lunch, so a few minutes later I grabbed this bag of carrots…and this 1/4 of a Goodey brownie… : )

And some green tea:

After a few GLORIOUS hours of vegging out, I put dinner together. I sauteed some garlic, onion & mushrooms in a little EVOO:

I mixed those with 1/3 c. (dry) whole wheat couscous, sauteed some snap peas, and heated up a little piece of Trader Joe’s pre-cooked Rosemary & Balsamic chicken breast. This chicken is DELISH and perfect when you don’t feel like cooking. Doesn’t that look like more than one serving of couscous??? There was quite a bit of shrooms & onions in there, but wow. It seemed like A LOT. yum.

Dessert was delectable:

-A half-mashed banana in 1/4 c. Almond Breeze

(slice a banana into really thin slices, mix with milk, and microwave about a minute. Slightly mash, but you should still have pieces. This doesn’t mean half a banana, just half-mashed.)

-Another 1/4 of a Goodey brownie

-Tbsp TJ’s PB

Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmmmm

This was a new one, and I think it will be having a recurring role in my food life. Gosh darnit am I happy to have bananas back!

Now I’m heading to bed. Going to get up for a run tomorrow AM, and then try this surfing thing again. I’ll let you know how it goes!



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