Cottage Cheese & Peanut Butter

Lunch today was from my absolute favorite take-out place in the city, Between the Bread. Everything is made fresh each day, and they have all sorts of sandwiches (curry tuna on whole wheat pita is my fav, but didn’t have that today), a few seafood dishes (herbed salmon, grilled tuna, shrimp of the day), and a few chicken dishes. Then they have a variety of side dishes that range from delicious to SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. I can not get enough. Today I had the oregano shrimp (~8?), roasted beets & yams, and broccolli. The broccolli doesn’t seem to be cooked in any oil, and comes with sun dried tomatoes. The beets are definitely cooked in some oil, but doesn’t seem to be much. Everything was SO GOOD! I also had a side of fruit salad.

My apologies for the glare of the pictures — blogger ninja snapped these in hiding at the nail salon, and then I came out of the bathroom to where my coworkers were picking out their colors. Yes, I took my food to the bathroom so I could photograph it. Anything for the blog!

Around 4 I ate this gala apple:
(I also had an un-pictured quarter of a Magnolia cupcake that was put in front of me at work. What can I say? This girl LOVES cupcakes!)
At 6pm I left work and meant to go for a run in Central Park, but alas, the neverending rainstorm strikes again! I sucked it up and went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill for an almost 5 mile run.
.25 mile walk warm-up
[1 mile speed – increasing from 6mph to 8 mph
1 mile inclines – increasing from .5 to 4.5] x2
.5 mile speed
.35 mile jog
.25 mile walk cool-down
Then I headed over to the ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATER to wait for a friend. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

While I waited I saw on the benches outside the studio and watched amazing professional dancers do some modern dance class. Amazing. I also snacked on these:

Peanut butter & cottage cheese on Health Nut bread!

And another gala!
My friend showed up and we went inside to take a 2 hour Advanced Beginner Hip-Hop class. We have only previously taken ONE Absolute Beginner Hip-Hop, but we thought it would be a good idea to skip the beginner level and go straight to advanced. WRONG. So hard, but definitely tons of fun and do-able. We will be back.

By this time it was after 10pm, and I had no dinner, so I continued my snacking on the train ride home with the rest of my cottage cheese (probably about 2 servings left in there, about a cup?). Topped with a spoonfull of PB of course.

Got home, exhausted, and ate one slice of deli turkey with a few slices of tomato. And one trisquit.

And I’m pooped. Night ya’ll.


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